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Xu Hou, Professor

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
College of Physical Science and Technology
Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials
State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces
Research Institute for Soft Matter and Biomimetics, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory for Soft Functional Materials Research
Xiamen University, China

Contact Information:
Room 43, Chemistry Building
422, Siming South Road, Siming Dist.
Room 312, Physical Electromechanical Aviation Building
9, Zengcuoan West Road, Siming Dist.
Xiamen, Fujian, China. 361005
Phone (lab): +86-592-2180937   +86-592-2180984
FAX: +86-592-2180937
Email: houx@xmu.edu.cn

Our research mainly focuses on bio-inspired and smart multi-scale pore/channel systems, membrane science and technology, microfluidics, interfacial science, physical chemistry, electrochemistry, nano/micro fabrication for energy-saving and biomedical applications.